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About Us

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Portable Storage Rental: 1 day to 2 weeks.

Portable Storage Custom Building: 1 to 3 weeks depending on the complexity of the building.

The buildings are delivered using three different size trailers and there must be enough room to allow a straight exit with the combined length of the building trailer and truck. Unloading our building is similar to unloading a boat in the water. There are also height limitations; 13’ and below need to be free of tree limbs and wires, also, buildings can not be placed under eaves or carports. Please contact us for more details.

To ensure long lasting results for your building foundation, the best options are:

  • make sure there is air flow
  • make sure site is reasonably level
  • make sure water drains away from building and out of the way of sprinklers

We ask for two weeks notice for pick up of buildings.

The buildings are capable of storing a car or truck.

The building is designed for a 65-pound snow load for cities such as Wenatchee, Yakima, Black Diamond, North Bend, Sultan, Startup, Goldbar and Skykomish. Custom buildings can be designed to support loads for areas such as Stevens Pass.

About Us

We build and deliver rental storage units, storage sheds, custom storage buildings (customs for purchase only) and sheds to your location. Our portable storage buildings range from 8’ x 6’ to 14’ x 30′ and fulfill most commercial storage and home mini storage needs. We deliver your portable rental storage!

Licensed Builder

Contractor’s #: WENATRM953LA


Custom Crafted Cottages

We also build and deliver custom crafted cottages and sheds for purchase. Want to learn more? Please visit our Custom Crafted Cottage & Shed website for details!